Standards & SpecificationsWe maintain on all our operations

METS conducts its NDT and Lifting inspections in line with the requirements of a variety of international standards, specifications and/or codes such as API, ASME, ASTM, EN, ISO, BS EN, BS EN ISO standards, as well as to local and/or regional requirements.

API Specification:

• API RP 4G: Recommendation practice for use and procedures for inspection, maintenance and repair of drilling & well servicing structures.
• API RP 5A5: Field inspection of new casing & tubing and plain end drill pipe.
• API SPEC 5CT: Specification for casing & tubing.
• API SPEC 5DP: Specification for drill pipe.
• API SPEC 7, 7-1 & 7-2: Specification for rotary drill stem elements.
• API RP 7G-2: Recommended practice for drill stems design & operating limits.
• API RP 8B: Specification for maintenance, repair & re-manufacture of hoisting equipment.
• API SPEC 11B: Specification for sucker rods.

ASME Specification:

• ASME SEC V – Nondestructive testing standard

Proprietary Standards   

• T.H.HILL associates standard DS-1 – Drill stem inspection

Customer Specifications

• Customer’s specific requirements

Standards and Specifications used for Lifting Inspection:   

• A comprehensive list of British, American and European standards are currently employed for inspecting most lifting equipment (list is available upon request) METS Internal Lifting Equipment.


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