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Dropped objects represent a significant safety and operational challenge to any asset owner or operator particularly at onshore and offshore rigs.

We help you verify their safety so you can prevent against undue injuries and equipment or environmental damage.

Ours dropped object surveyors are available to help any asset owner or operator identify, understand and put a plan in place to mitigate dropped object risks, and ensure their regulatory compliance.

Areas where potential exists for dropped objects are inspected by our surveyors at regular intervals to verify the structural integrity of supportive structures, and ensure objects are adequately secured
  • Assessment of the integrity of fittings and secondary retention
  • Creation of a Professional DROPS Picture Book as well as provision of detailed recommendations for future maintenance /inspection

Drops Object Survey includes and not limited to:
  • Loose items left at height post construction work
  • Weather damaged items
  • Tar deposits on drilling derricks
  • Items loosened by vibration
  • Corroded fixtures and fittings or lack of secondary retention
  • Non-conforming items such as a loose kick plate
  • Any Other Potential Drops specified by Clients
  • Carry out annual, pre-operations and post construction dropped object surveys
  • Reporting

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