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Used tubing service contract for cleaning and inspection system, consisting of blocked waxy pipe, General Requirements include furnishing of all labor materials and equipment to perform the work of cleaning and inspection.

Services to be provided include: Cleaning blocked pipe, testing procedures as per API 5CT, API 5A5, API RP 7G 2, API 5B, minor field repair, supply of tubing protectors, re-install damaged coupling, color code, pipe classification and segregation, record documents (reports, photographs and videos), and other activities necessary to complete the Work.

Initial Pipe Cleaning: METS will oversee cleaning the pipes prior to inspection. Dirt, internal and external wax, will be removed from the pipe. The interior and the external pipes surface will be cleaned with high pressure diesel powered equipment.

Initial Inspection: After initial cleaning is completed, pipe inspection will be performed by experienced and trained personnel in locating defects and imperfection. The inspection will be conducted using:
          •  Full length visual inspection
          •  Full length drift
          •  Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
          •  Outside diameter gauging
          •  Thread profile gauging
          •  Dimension
          •  Internal bore scope camera inspection
          •  MPI critical area testing
          •  Visual straightness test
          •  Color code and classification

An inspection report detailing our findings will be prepared and submitted for record.

After repair inspection: after pipe sent to be repaired to a machine shop the inspection will be conducting using thread drawing and tools as follow:
          •  Thread profile gauging
          •  Thread taper gauging
          •  Stand-off gauging
          •  Thread dimension

An inspection report detailing our findings will be prepared and submitted for record.

Supply of tubing thread protectors: METS will supply .order/ month as quantity required by client purchase order. Sample will be provided.

Hydraulic bucking unit coupling re-torque: METS will provide a hydraulic bucking machine (make-up and break-out) for tubing coupling was before selected as defected condition.

Post Completion Tasks: after inspection METS will be in charge of the Management of the Pipe Yard, and supervises all the dedicated handling and lifting equipment provided by Logistics client.

Follow-up and report: METS will be in charge of the daily follow-up of the yard activity, including the recording of the Areas of Concern and Weekly Report including, the stock yard inventory.

Quality assurance: METS will be responsible for the quality assurance of the inspections carried out on all pipes before sending to operational sites. Our duty is to inform client representative of any anomalies and suggest any action to ameliorate the quality or remediate to any problem.

As a part of quality assurance METS will provide an intensive training course to client’s site representative who will be in charge to supervise and review the ongoing inspection tasks.

Personnel qualification: METS will provide onsite, competent administrative support personnel both expatriate and national certified inspector(s).

METS’s Inspector(s) have the experience and qualifications necessary to carry out all tasks assigned; with valid certification ASNT Level 2 for all relevant inspections, and particularly NDT.

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